About Us

Nath Network & Telecom Inc. was founded in 2010. Nath Network & Telecom Inc. is a privately owned VoIP Service and Cloud Hosting Service Provider Company based out of New York, United States.

Nath Network & Telecom Inc. began offering Residential and Business VoIP services in New York back in 2010 under NathTel's brand.

Nath Network & Telecom Inc. started offering Cloud Hosting Service in 2015 under HostFav Brand.

Currently HostFav has two Datacenters. One in Fremont, CA and another one in New York City, NY. HostFav is working to add more Datacenter locations.

HostFav prides itself in providing Cloud Hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality and affordability. HostFav understands our customers' needs and offers a diverse selection of web hosting services ranging from low cost Shared cPanel hosting to Cloud KVM and LXC VPS servers to large dedicated servers.

Our leadership constantly innovating, embracing emerging technologies and consistently upgrading our services, without affecting our customers' rates.

Go ahead and give HostFav a try, and you will experience first-hand what we call the HostFav Advantage, the advantage of working with the best.